Moustafa Ismail – World Biggest Biceps- Natural Or Fake?

The 24 years old Egyptian bodybuilder appears in the Guinness Book of world records in the year 2013

Moustafa Ismail revealed how to get the world biggest arms.

Moustafa Ismail

The size of his arms is 31 inches

How does he build up the bigger arms?

Moustafa eats nine pounds of carbohydrates, seven pounds of protein, and three gallons of water to maintain the muscle of the upper arms.

Most of the people think that the Moustafa Ismail bigger biceps and triceps are the result of drugs or the steroids

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Are real-life Popeye biceps really natural?

Is he really Synthol freaks?

Find your answer through this assumption based article.

Moustafa Started Muscles Bodybuilding

Moustafa started his career of muscles bodybuilding in his Egyptian town Alexandria before moving to the United States in the year 2007.

He had started a training gym in Franklin, southwest of Boston, where Ismail was paying for his gym membership, and dietary requirements.

Previously Moustafa worked in two jobs as an attendant of the gas station.

But he quitted one job after his wife complained that he was punishing himself hard.

He was offered for free and paid trip to London

Most bodybuilders use Dianabol and Trenbolone for building muscle with exercises.

He went, while the others claim on the social media that he used the best steroids and injected synthetic oil substance to his muscles for blown up.

The size of his arms indicates the Synthol use.

Moustafa shared an experience of clothes shopping: It’s a typical challenge to find out the shirt that can fit in his world biggest arms without making a look of a little kid playing dress.

While the rest of his size of the body is average

Back to a few years ago, when Guinness considered him as a steroid user in order to achieve a world biggest size.

Moustafa Ismail’s Claimed As Natural:

He has claimed to natural and said his bigger arms are the result of the over or punishing workout.

Moustafa Ismail bodybuilder

Moustafa said he has received a lot of negative comments through social media due to the 31-inches of biceps and triceps.

According to Ismail’s, he started the workout regimen after asking for an overweight frame at his uncle’s wedding.

“They call me Popeye or the Egyptian Popeye during my workout in the Boston Suburb of Milford.

It is not easy to get the world’s biggest workout, unlike to cartoon characters, I like beef, chicken, and everything but spinach.

No need to eat spinach for developing the bigger biceps, 7Ibs of protein and gallons of water is enough.

Moustafa answered these questions that it is hurtful because nothing have resulted from the surgery and his supporting wife and family in the U.S does not leave him to buy an expensive synthetic oil.

The synthol is a site enhancement oil, which is widely used in the fitness and modeling

Bodybuilders use this when a corresponded body part is not responding well.

Ismail Nutrition:

Sea foodsMoustafa diet includes a lot of seafood, protein shakes, and poultry.

His diet is also loaded with a supplement and vitamins to fulfill the deficiency of essential nutrients.

HGH Pills and Testosterone boosters can also help in Stamina and strength.

“Big Mo” hates to eat spinach.

Almost 4Ibs of chicken, 4 cups of almonds, 2 gallons of water, 2Ib of steak or fish, 3 liters of protein shakes, and 4 cups of almonds.

Moustafa Ismail Arms Workout

biggest armsIsmail workout is continued around 2 hours in which he tried to lift up 600 pounds.

Workout makes my mood better if I perform with a focus.

I love the weight because I know they are growing my chest, arms, and shoulders too

He spent a minimum of three hours training at least twice a day

The training is included in body sculpting, strength training, and weightlifting using light isolated weights and heavy weights.

The daily exercise until 5 am to 8 am is based on strength training, cardio exercise, isolated weight and body sculpting.

Phentermine alternatives, Phenq used by many bodybuilders to get Lean Muscle.

Tested For Blood Samples And X-Ray:

Moustafa went to Tokyo for appearing in a Fuji Tv documentary, where the independent doctors are gathered and collected his samples and done X-ray of his muscles, so they found nothing abnormal and changes in his muscle.

Well, Guinness removed the references and according to the Sara Wilcox (Spokeswoman), Guinness was conducting a research together with a medical specialist for reviewing a category of Moustafa, later on she did not get any reply.


When I first saw him so I wonder and thought he is a fake with the big Popeye arms.

Moustafa Ismail steroids or natural

Moustafa is incredible and works out hard with a lot of protein sources.

Ismail workout regimen consisted of the lifting of weight around 600 pounds or 262 kilograms.

According to Ismail “He does not focus on the weight lifting and heavy weights.

Gynectrol is mostly used by many bodybuilders to get rid of Gyno or Man Boobs.

It is important to follow the right techniques more than lifting weights because right way helps you to achieve maximum.

Moreover, in my opinion,  he looks like an unnatural and it is ridiculous for training only one part of the body.

Definitely, he looks like a cartoon “Popeye” and result of following the unbalanced training regimen.